Repblic Seabee Production line

Seabee restoration is our true love and why we are really in this business. While these unique aircraft need maintenance what we love to do is put these aircraft back in the air.


Simuflight was found by Joe McHugh over 30 years ago out of a passion for Seabee's and though the years has grown to a company that produces everything from replacement parts to major airframe modifcations.

It doesn't matter what condition your project is in, as long as you have a data plate we are willing to restore the aircraft. While we normally produce what we call the Simuflgiht Superbee we also will do original equipment restorations, partial restoration or in many cases we finish up those long term project aircraft.

Restoration of a Seabee is a long process and costs vary wildly depending on the condition of the aircraft, the kits you want to modify the aircraft with and of course the avionics.

The premier aircraft we produce is the Simuflight Superbee. This restored aircraft is the finest single engine flying boat in the air today with a 300-340 HP Lycoming IGO 480, extended wings, modified interior bulkheads and dozens of other modifications the Superbee has no peers new from the factory or anywhere else.

Restoration and restoration support is available at our Fallon NV shop or at your site through our traveling A&P/AI.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project we enjoy talking with people about Seabee's and what can be done with then.

Finding an A&P and AI that know a Seabee's is not an easy thing.·If it is general maintenance, crash damage repair, modification or just an annual Simuflight's new facility in Georgia provides a complete shop and facilites to get the job done.

We have been building, maintaining and restoring Seabee's for more than 30 years and know more than most about these unique aircraft. Add to that the largest known parts inventory for Seabee's and we can generally make what we don't have and you can see why we are the place to bring your Seabee for any work that may be required.·

Simuflight's new Georgia location is located at the Pickens County Airport KJZP in Jasper GA

If you are dropping your aircraft off or picking it up we can also meet you at the Atlanta airport. ·

Personal service is important to us.  Please contact us if you have further questions or would like to schedule work.