Replacement for the existing expander tube brake system with Clevelend disks brakes.· Eliminate the compensator valve in the original system.

This system provides a substantial increase in braking power and limited fade during cross wind taxing.·

This is our most popular Seabee modification and if you look around at any gathering you will see this on many Seabee's.

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Clevelend Brakes
Price: $6,895
Price Installed*: 9,295**
Availability: 2-4 Weeks

Installation Notes

This kit installs without any major issues on standard Seabee landing gear.

Estimated Installation Time: 16 hours***

* Installed price is an estimate based on an assumed condition of the aircraft.· Installation cost varies based on the work required to prepare the aircraft for the installation this kit.

** Installation can be accomplished at our Fallon facility or buy your own mechanic.

*** All shop time estimates are what we quote for our staffed of experienced Seabee people.· A&P's without experience with these kits can expect to double and even triple the noted installation time.