Extended each wing tip 16 inches and move the ailerons and flaps outboard 16 inches add a "plug" at the wing root.


  • Significantly reduced power off rate of decent.
  • Reduced stall speed, with wing tips as low as 38 mph.
  • Better take off performance particularly on the water with flaps down.
  • Better hot weather and high altitude performance.
  • No reduction in cruise speed.
  • Improved low speed performance - Wing plug allows cleaner air across the prop and tail surfaces at full flap configurations.
  • Improved propeller performance in full flap configurations.· The "plug" moves the flap outboard so that there is now clean air across the prop in full flap configurations.
  • Reduction in forward pitching moment in full flap configurations.

We highly recommend this option when converting to a larger engine and propeller configuration.  The combination of the larger engine and propeller with the extended wings creates a Seabee that has to be flown to be appreciated.

Availability: 4-6 weeks
Price: $7,995
Installed Price*: $19,995**

Installation Notes

Estimated Installation Time: 150 hours***

* Installed price is an estimate based on an assumed condition of the aircraft.  Installation cost varies based on the work required to prepare the aircraft for the instllation of this kit.
** Installation can be accomplished at our Fallon facility or your site.  We highly recommend that you have this kit installed at our Fallon facility.
*** All shop time estimates are what we quote for our staff of experienced Seabee people.  A&P's without expereince with these kits can expect to double or even triple the noted installation time.